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Legal Battle Unfolds: Senator Crystal Asige Sues Sauti Sol

by Chief Okuzo

Senator Crystal Asige, nominated by ODM, has initiated legal action against the renowned band Sauti Sol. She accuses them of neglecting her disabilities while she was with their record label, Sol Generation.

A video that went viral online shows Asige speaking out against Sauti Sol in court, five years after leaving the label. But what sparked this confrontation? Grab your popcorn and get ready.

Back in 2019, the popular Kenyan boy band welcomed new talents to their label, such as Kaskazini and Crystal Asige, alongside their existing artists Nviiri the Storyteller and Ben Sol. They even dropped a collaborative track titled “Extravaganza” to showcase these new artists.

However, the new recruits, including Asige, soon felt the weight of their newfound fame. Asige’s exit from Sol Generation was particularly painful, as she felt discriminated against due to her visual impairment.
Crystal stated that Sauti Sol removed her from the label without a valid reason. During an interview on Chat Spot, she claimed that the band chose to end their collaboration with her, prompting her to leave.

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Three years after her departure and her 2022 nomination as a Senator, Crystal filed a lawsuit against her former band for breach of contract. She demands that Sauti Sol and their label reveal their earnings from songs like “Extravaganza” and “Ukiwa Mbali” since 2019 and seeks damages for the alleged breach.

In her court filing through Mwakireti and Asige Advocates, Asige alleges that while under Sol Generation, she helped compose and perform songs like “Extravaganza” and “Ukiwa Mbali” in 2019. Her contributions were acknowledged, but she also claims her original composition was used without her consent in the song “Intro” on Sauti Sol’s album “Midnight Train.”

Asige claims she found out that Sol Generation received about Sh5 million for using her song “Lenga” in a deal with KLM. After the success of the “Extravaganza” video, which boosted Sol Generation’s profile, Asige was asked by Bien-Aime to sign a comprehensive recording contract. She hesitated and asked for negotiations on the contract terms.

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Initially, Bien invited Asige to Sol Generation primarily for songwriting and production. Despite her intention to discuss terms, those talks never happened.

In November 2019, at a meeting with Sauti Sol’s legal manager and the Sol Generation manager, Asige was told they no longer wanted her involved with the label.

Members of Kaskazini, Eugine Ywaya and Israel Onyach, expressed their own frustrations. They felt pressured to meet the demands of their superiors rather than focusing on their own musical vision.

They shared, “Initially, we were focused on our journey from point A to B. Suddenly, we were thrust into point B, which was overwhelming. The lifestyle change, including being constantly filmed in the studio, put a lot of pressure on us. It became less about the music and more about pleasing others who had given us an opportunity. It was a steep learning curve.”

Eventually, overwhelmed by the pressure, they left the label, rebranded as Watendawili, and have since released successful tracks like “Cham Thum,” “Drill Rhumba,” and “Sio Siri.”

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