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Secrets Exposed: Gachagua’s Alarming Concerns Over Election Audit

by Chief Okuzo

In the ongoing talks between the Azimio coalition and the Kenya Kwanza government, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has expressed his concerns about Raila Odinga’s demands. He believes that these demands, specifically the call for an audit of the 2022 General Election by Ruto’s government, go beyond what is specified in the constitution. Gachagua suggests that these demands should not be part of the bipartisan discussions.

Gachagua’s statements have sparked curiosity among people online. Some wonder if he and Ruto might be concealing information related to the 2022 General Election that they don’t want the public to discover through an audit. The big question is, what could be the hidden aspect of the election that Gachagua is concerned about?

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During a church service in Meru, Gachagua emphasized his discomfort and worry regarding Raila Odinga’s demands for the election audit in the bipartisan talks. He urged President Ruto to resist meeting such demands, citing the committee’s lack of legal authority to address such matters. Gachagua maintained that the Kenyan Constitution does not grant anyone the power to audit the results of a general election.

Furthermore, he insisted that the elections were conducted fairly and transparently, resulting in President Ruto’s victory. Nonetheless, Gachagua’s statement has left many questioning why he appears threatened by an audit if the elections were indeed conducted fairly. Some netizens suggest that Gachagua’s comments imply there might be undisclosed information about the general elections that he doesn’t want to come to light.

On Twitter, one user asked, “Rigathi, why should you be worried? I thought the last general elections were free, fair, and verifiable. If the servers can prove that, then we’re good to go. Server way.” Another person added, “I think Gachagua is tired and wants the UDA Kenya Kwanza Government out of power. Why is he afraid of auditing the 2022 General Election if they are as legitimate as they always claim?”

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