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Pastor Michael Njoroge of fire gospel church Death and Secretive Burial Baffle Netizens

by Chief Okuzo

The demise of the renowned city preacher, Michael Njoroge, has sent shockwaves through the online community. Netizens are buzzing with speculations as news of his death under mysterious circumstances broke the internet. Michael Njoroge, who once commanded a massive following, was reportedly laid to rest just two days after his sudden passing, sparking a flurry of questions surrounding the enigmatic circumstances leading to his demise.

Facebook sensation Martha Hinga has come forward with sensational claims regarding the preacher’s secretive demise. According to Martha, Michael Njoroge was not only hastily buried but also in utmost secrecy. It is alleged that his family went to great lengths to keep the burial covert, fearing a media frenzy due to the scandalous nature of his past.

Martha exclaimed, “PASTOR NJOROGE DIES, BURIED LIKE A THIEF. Yesterday, news that reached my desk revealed that five days earlier, the controversial cleric departed this world and was hurriedly interred at dawn to prevent any leaks to mainstream and social media. There were deliberate efforts to conceal his passing from the public eye, given how scandalous, cunning, and audacious the pastor had been.”

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Despite Plug TV’s attempts to reach out to the church using the contact information provided on their social media platforms, no official confirmation of the preacher’s demise has been obtained. The phone line was consistently busy, adding further mystery to the situation.

A closer look at Michael Njoroge’s online presence paints a picture of his fading influence in recent years. His YouTube channel has remained dormant for nine years, his Facebook page is devoid of any recent activity, and his Twitter account lies in disrepair.

Michael Njoroge first gained notoriety over a decade ago when his church was exposed for orchestrating fake miracles. Investigative journalist turned politician Mohamed Ali uncovered the shocking details, revealing that Michael had allegedly hired a prostitute to feign facial paralysis and subsequently receive miraculous healing through his prayers.

The woman, identified as Mwende, claimed that Michael had even engaged in illicit activities with her before recruiting her for the sham miracle. Following this exposé, Michael Njoroge’s church experienced a dramatic decline in attendance, and his once-formidable influence was reduced to ashes, marking the end of an era in the city’s religious landscape.

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