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Kenyan TikTok Influencer Goes on the Run After burning Girlfriend with hot water

by Chief Okuzo

Members of the Kenyan TikTok community find themselves reeling in disbelief after one of their own turned violent against his girlfriend, scalding her with hot water on her face. Sheldon and Mercy, a couple of over two years, are now the center of attention on TikTok due to this distressing incident.

The shocking altercation unfolded during a heated argument between the once-affectionate couple, leading Sheldon to physically assault Mercy. As the dispute escalated, Sheldon resorted to physically attacking Mercy, subjecting her to a barrage of heavy blows on her petite frame.

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Desperate and overwhelmed, Mercy sought refuge with Sheldon’s mother. However, in a horrifying twist of events, Sheldon unleashed a second assault on Mercy, pouring scalding hot water directly onto her face, resulting in severe injuries.

Mercy was immediately rushed to Bosongo Hospital in Kisii town, where she has been receiving medical treatment for over three weeks due to the mounting hospital bills. In a stunning development, Sheldon is now on the run, reportedly fleeing the country in the wake of the incident.

His family has made contact with Mercy’s family, urging her to withdraw the police case in a bid to settle the escalating medical expenses. Medical reports indicate that Mercy sustained second-degree burns covering 10% of her total body surface area.

Charles Kases, the police chief in Kisii County, confirmed that an ongoing investigation is underway to address this harrowing incident.  Examining their TikTok accounts, it’s evident that the couple had been portraying a romantic image on the platform for several months.

However, Sheldon has been forced to set his account to private following the widespread media coverage of this disturbing news.

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