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Governor Sakaja vs. MP Babu Owino: Nairobi’s Political Showdown Heats Up

by Chief Okuzo

In the latest survey, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has come under heavy criticism from Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino, for being ranked as the poorest performer among Kenya’s governors. The survey assessed governors based on two key parameters: development rating and approval rating.

Sakaja, who is serving his first term as governor, received a development rating of 33.7 percent and an approval rating of 33.2 percent. These scores placed him at the 38th position overall among all governors. Babu Owino did not mince his words when reacting to these results, and he took a direct swipe at Sakaja’s performance.

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“Sakaja is an embarrassment to the people of Nairobi. How can you be ranked last out of 47 counties? His job seems to be misappropriating Nairobi County funds and investing in properties abroad. Meanwhile, he’s burdening Nairobians with increased taxes, even on the deceased. Nairobi is in dire straits, and it appears that all we’re left with are dimples,” said Babu Owino.

Furthermore, Babu Owino accused Sakaja of misleading Nairobi residents regarding the allocation of bursaries. He claimed that Sakaja had distributed only 1,200 bursary forms at a cost of 5,000 shillings each, totaling 6 million shillings, instead of the 23 million shillings he was claiming. Babu Owino asserted that each ward was supposed to receive 23 million shillings annually for bursaries, resulting in a substantial deficit.

In response, Sakaja defended himself, stating, “If you removed the white stuff you are stuffing up your nose, you’d realize there’s a difference between bursaries and Ward-based Development funds. Bursaries are 7 million shillings per ward (85 wards), distributed across three terms. Every ward is receiving 23 million shillings for development, not bursaries, which is an increase from the previous 17 million.”

Speculation has arisen that Babu Owino’s criticism of Sakaja may be part of a political strategy as he positions himself as a potential candidate for Nairobi’s governorship in the upcoming general elections. Publicly highlighting the current governor’s perceived shortcomings could be seen as a means to gain public support for his bid for the office.

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