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Revealed: How Dj fatxo paid the police to cover up Jeff Mwathi’s death

by Chief Okuzo

Did the police help cover up the mysterious death of Jeff Mwathi?” This is the question on everyone’s mind as blogger Mwangi Muthiora drops bombshell after bombshell regarding the case. According to Mwangi, there is evidence that the police stationed at Kasarani Police Station worked closely with DJ Fatxo to try and cover up the crime.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mwangi explains that “After killing Jeff, Fatxo and his accomplices went to Kasarani Police Station where statements were recorded, but they were coached by unnamed officers.” The blogger alleges that DJ Fatxo withdrew money from his bank account and made several payments using Mpesa, all aimed at covering up the crime.

The revelation has led to the inclusion of police officers who visited the scene of the crime as persons of interest by the DCI. As Mwangi notes, “The money trail indicates how the funds were moved and shared, and as such, the DCI needs to investigate all Mpesa statements, bank statements, deleted messages, and other records of the police officers who handled the case at Kasarani.”

But the cover-up doesn’t end there. Mwangi reveals that the reason why Jeff’s body was dumped at City Mortuary and the OB read, “Unidentified Male of between 20 and 25 yrs,” raises questions. “By the time Jeff’s family located him at City Mortuary, a lot had already been done to cover up the crime. The police and the suspects knew that conditions at City Mortuary were perfect for the cover-up.”

The postmortem was also intentionally delayed and frustrated by some officers. Mwangi notes that “the family wanted it done immediately, but the government pathologist was conveniently unavailable until a week later. This is where the 72-hour window of autopsy reports failing to reveal sodomy comes in.”

To make matters worse, Mwangi alleges that the family’s private pathologist was compromised, as he was paid off by Fatxo to agree with the government pathologist. However, Mwangi is determined to see justice for Jeff. “To achieve #JusticeForJeff, we must be ready to exhume Jeff’s body, which will be painful for his family, but necessary to uncover the truth,” he says.

The revelations have caused a stir, and many are now demanding answers. As Mwangi notes, “We shall bury JEFF MWATHI one more time, but this time, his KILLERS and those who aided them to COVER-UP will be behind bars.”

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