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Eric Omondi accuses some former gospel artists of spreading gonorrhea and promoting homosexuality Bahati,Willy paul, Mr seed, Dk kwenye beat

by Chief Okuzo

Comedian Eric Omondi has taken the bull by the horns and addressed the scandals that have plagued the Kenyan gospel music scene. Eric, who is no stranger to controversy, named a number of gospel artists who have fallen from grace, including Daddy Owen, Alice Kamande, Eunice Njeri, Guardian Angel, Jimmy Gait, Mercy Masika, Kambua, Ringtone Apoko, and many others.

“you have left the gospel industry to someone like Ringtone Apoko he is a friend of mine and I know what he does from Monday to Friday he changes women-like clothes, he sleeps with at least three girls per day,” Eric Omondi decried.

He criticized several artists for leaving their ministry and singing secular music instead. Omondi also addressed the recent scandals that have rocked the gospel industry, including the rumored cases of gonorrhea and fornication. He specifically mentioned Willy Paul and DK Kwenye Beat, and Ringtone apoko who he accused of not being able to control his libido and sleeping with over three women per day.

“Where is Daddy Owen? Where is Jimmy Gait? Where is Mercy Masika? Where is Alice Kamande? The gospel music industry used to be the identity of Kenyan music, but they have all fallen. Bahati has left gospel music and is now singing secular. Willy Paul is now more known for his scandals than his gospel music. DK Kwenye Beat is more known for his gonorrhea than his music. he said

Omondi also raised concerns about the declining state of the gospel industry and the impact it is having on the youth in Kenya. He called on several former gospel artists to return to their initial calling and give the nation songs inspired by God.

“We used to have the Groove Awards, the biggest awards in East Central. But now, the gospel industry is nothing like it used to be. Willy Paul was spotted driving around in a yellow Mercedes on Sunday, looking for university girls, and he’s a preacher. He’s a minister of the gospel. Mercy Masika, I used to minister with you at Daystar University. You used to sing and the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, would come down and people would get saved. But now, we have lost touch with God.” Eric stated.

He criticized Jimmy Gait for exploiting young girls as housemaids in Saudi Arabia: “Jimmy Gait, you were once a gospel artist, and now you’re exporting our young girls as housemaids in Saudi Arabia. You need to come back to your ministry. Bahati put politics aside and come back to your gospel roots. We need songs that are inspired by God, that move the nation, and influence the youth.” He continued

Furthermore, Omondi accused some of these artists of promoting homosexuality in Kenya and called on them to get back to God. He stated that the rise of homosexuality in the country is partly due to their influence and threatened to name ten former gospel artists who are homosexuals.

The most immoral people in Kenya are former gospel artists. Guardian Angel is nowhere to be seen since he got married. And the rise of homosexuality in Kenya is because of you. I can name ten of you who are homosexuals. You need to get back to God. You’ve turned Kenya into Sodom and Gomorrah.” Eric Omondi exclaimed on his Instagram account.

In conclusion, Eric Omondi has called on former gospel artists to return to their initial calling and bring back the glory of the gospel music industry in Kenya. He has expressed his concern about the current state of the industry and the negative impact it is having on the youth and society.


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