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Fake friends? Edwin Chiloba’s celebrity friends fail to show up at his burial

by Chief Okuzo

Looks like some A-listers missed their RSVP to the Chiloba burial on Tuesday, and it seems Pritty Vishy, ex-lover of Stivo Simple Boy, is not too happy about it. In a scathing Instagram story, Vishy called out these celebrities as ‘hypocrites’ and had some wise words of advice for us all.

Attendees of Chiloba’s send-off were in for a surprise as the crowd was less than expected. Many had anticipated seeing the faces of those who considered themselves chiloba’s friends or “family”  before his death. However,chiloba’s burial was only attended by his close family and a few of his friends. Pritty Vishy who happened to be one of the attendees couldn’t help but wonder where chiloba’s true supporters were, friends who flooded the internet with RIP messages when chiloba was pronounced dead.

Now since the so-called friends failed to turn up for chiloba’s funeral, Pritty Vishy went rogue on them as she labeled them a bunch of hypocrites.

When I went to Chiloba’s send off I expected to see the people that call themselves his friend or so-called “family” to be there But what I saw was less than my expectation. Why are they ranting Hadi aaaa…you guys I swear. Anyway let me hold it coz weeeh, huku mnaongea vile mnapenda ama mlipenda na hamkukuwa hapo kumsindikiza. Nkt mnyamaze mwache mbwe mbwe

It shall be recalled that when chiloba was pronounced dead, dozens of netizens came out to send their condolences messages to his family, others even went to the extent of showing their private chats on Instagram DMs with chiloba just to show how close they were to each other.

Among those who were vocal about chiloba’s death were the celebrities who expressed their support for the LGBTQ community in Kenya, but unfortunately, even the same celebrities failed to turn up for chiloba’s burial. However, on the same day of chiloba’s burial members of the LGBTQ community held a night vigil in honor of the LGBTQ activist.

On Tuesday evening, the LGBTQ community in Kilifi came out in droves to pay their respects to one of their own, the late Edwin Chiloba. The candlelit vigil, organized by Nadharia Kenya, an organization for the queer community in Kenya, was a touching display of love and support for the slain fashionista. Attendees lit candles, observed moments of silence, and shared stories of the vibrant life Chiloba lived. Among those who attended the vigil was Michelle Ntalami who claims to be chiloba’s close friend.

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