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UPCOMING BREAKUP; a list of celebrities who will soon break up according to Andrew Kibe.Bahati and Diana marua,thee pluto and felicity,terrence creative and milly

by Chief Okuzo

Controversial radio host turned YouTuber Andrew Kibe has finally reacted to Arrow Boy and Nadia Mukami’s breakup news. Andrew Kibe claimed that he had foretold their breakup a while back.
If you had seen Nadia Mukami and Arrow Boy, you would have known that their relationship would not have worked because Nadia Mukami comes from a very different background compared to Arrow Boy’s,” he stated.

He further dug deeper and explained why Nadia was never meant for Arrow Boy, stating that Arrow Boy was raised in the ghetto while Nadia Mukami was raised as a cool kid.

” arrow Boy can hardly speak a good sentence in English. At some point, she must have been embarrassed because of how Arrow Boy talked because the guy is from the Ghetto.” Kibe said.

Andrew Kibe also stated that as much as he had predicted the end of their relationship, he hoped that the breakup news was just clout.
Andrew further went ahead and prophesied doom on various Kenyan celebrity couples, among them being: Terrence creative and his wife Milly Cheby, thee Pluto and Felicity, comedian njugush and Celestine ndinda,  Bahati and Diana Marua.

While talking about Terence creative and Milly, Andrew Kibe said he would support their break up by offering a DNA test on their kid. He also added that they must break up.

He also criticized njugush and Celestine even though he said he would not want to see the couple break up. I would not want to see njugush, and his wife break up. She plays a part in his life, I think njugush is a lazy man who does not want or do content, but now his wife forces him to do content, ” Andrew Kibe explained.

While talking about thee Pluto and Felicity, he strongly declared that the young entrepreneur must be dumped by his girlfriend, Felicity Shiru adding that the chief sanitizer has acquired his wealth from a famous city politician.” I want to see that break up, especially when he discovers the child is not his,” Kibe said.

While addressing Bahati’s marriage with Diana Marua, Kibe said that the gospel artist turned secular star will soon be dumped by Diana because of their difference in enthusiasm when it comes to content creation, ” at some point, Bahati will be dumped by Diana, she will leave him soon, Bahati’s energy does not match Diana’s, she needs a strong man,” Kibe stated

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