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Meru Woman Chops Off Her Man’s Testicles

by Kelvin Mwangi

She saw him writhe in agony! The court heard that a  lady assaulted her husband while he slept and vowed to murder him because he refused to subdivide his miraa property.

The guy described how astonished he was when police in Meru severed her husband’s testicles, citing a family dispute as the motive.Chief Magistrate Tito Gesora stated that the prosecution had established beyond a reasonable doubt that the lady attacked her husband with the intent to murder him.Committed the crime by severing a portion of his testicles using a kitchen knife.

The 60-year-old miraa farmer attempted to sound the alarm but became unconscious.His wife then allegedly attempted to put an unidentified drug down his mouth.Their daughter, awoken by the disturbance, began to wail, but her mother smacked her and commanded her to be quiet.

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