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Jalango Denies dating Bahati’s wife Diana Marua

by Chief Okuzo

While everyone is busy throwing stones at Diana Marua’s recent confession of having multiple partners before settling down, Langata Mp Jalango has been forced to defend himself after his name was dragged into the list of the men who had a thing with the self-proclaimed rap queen.
In an exclusive interview with our team, Jalango clarified his relationship with the mother of three stating that she is just a friend and nothing more.
“Diana is my friend and I have never had any intimate relationship with her, I have only met her five times in life,” Jalango said during the launch of his restaurant wapek delicacies in Nairobi CBD.
The comedian-turned-politician also revealed details behind the photo he took with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua. The photo had surfaced online following rumors of the legislature having a relationship with her.

“it is an old photo, we took the photo together while at Jamia mall, I had gone to visit a friend at that time, it is really sad to see her going through whatever she is going through right now,” Jalango added.

Talking about his ex-employees Eli and Litiema, Jalango revealed that he had intentions of accepting them back as his employees but not in the same position as before since his neighbors had already asked him not to allow the two in their community.

“I will get in touch with them very soon, I will offer them a job however, my community where I stay can’t allow them to work in my compound like before,” Jalango said.

Uproar after Langata Mp Jalango failed to show up for an interview on Ntv

Comedian-turned-politician jalango, left a section of Kenyans upset after he failed to show up for an Interview on Ntv.
The Langata member of Parliament was to be interviewed on the show dubbed kigoda chako alongside other leaders who were supposed to address crucial issues about leadership in their respective constituencies.

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