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Noti Flow And King Alami Rekindle Their Love.

by Ramskie Duevela

Kenyan rapper Noti Flow and ex-lover King Alami seem to have wiped the slate clean concerning their past differences and opted to revitalize their love for each other.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, King Alami expressed uttermost remorse for disrespecting their relationship. King Alami expressed regret for cheating on Noti Flow after hooking up with a ‘random girl’.

She publicly apologized and urged Noti Flow’s fans to help get the message out to Noti Flow since as she claims that Noti was unreachable on every platform. Noti flow then went ahead to comment on King Alami’s apology video telling Alami to call her.


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Since then, the duo have been acting all lovey-dovey and goofy on social media. The two can be seen having a sumptuous meal together at a high end restaurant posting titillating videos of themselves while driving.

After her break up with International rapper Mustafa, Noti Flow opted for a gay relationship and luckily found refuge in King Alami with whom they’ve had quite a controversial relationship, breaking up twice and making up again. Hopefully this time they share love in abundance and find solace in each other.

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