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15-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Poisoned By His Classmate’s Mum

The woman poisoned the boy after he consistently defeated her son in class and extracurricular activities

by Jayden Musembi

A 15-year-old boy has lost his life after his classmate’s mother poisoned him. It has been reported that the woman in question arrived at the decision of poisoning the young boy after her son was defeated by the deceased. It is alleged that the two boys attended the same school in Karaikal India.

The deceased was a class eight student, and throughout his course, he was topping in class and also in extracurricular activities. His prowess didn’t sit well with his classmate’s mum, who due to personal reasons decided to end the his life.

It is alleged that the woman, who was identified as Sahayarani Victoria plotted a scheme to end his life. She pretended to be Bala Manikandan’s parent and proceeded to follow him at a school’s event. The woman gave Bala a poisoned drink that killed him.

Reports say that the boy was expected to perfom during a traditional school event that normally takes place every single year. After taking the drink, Bala Manikandan started falling sick, and unfortunately, he died on Sartuday.

The boy’s parents reported the matter to the police after video evidence from a CCTV footage revealed the identity of the woman who had continously begged watchmen to take the drink to the boy.

After autopsy was done, it was found that the boy died due to lack of air, and this was after food particles blocked his airway. The woman will be arraigned for murder.

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