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Fans Bash Juliani For Terming Diamond Platinumz’s Show In Kasarani As ‘Distasteful’

by Jayden Musembi
  • Juliani’s sentiments have received criticism from a large section of social media users.
  • The singer described Diamond Platinumz’s perfomance at Kasarani as distasteful. 
  • Fans dragged his personal life to the occasion, arguing that he snatched someone’s wife.

Kenyan musician Juliani has found himself on the receiving end of angry online fans after he criticised Diamond Platinumz’s perfomance at the Azimio la Umoja political rally in Kasarani.

It shall be recalled that Juliani branded Diamond Platinumz’s performance as distasteful, arguing that any other Kenyan artist would have pulled a better performance. He stated, “Diamond in Kasarani was distateful. Any Kenyan talent would’ve sufficed.”

Not agreeing with his remarks, fans dragged the singer’s personal life into the occasion. Some angry fans claimed that the singer should have kept quiet, arguing that he (Juliani) got married to someone who was in a relationship yet there were many single people around.

One fan identified as Godfrey stated, “Same way he went for Mutua’s leaving many singos out there,aache unyonyoi.” Other fans, who seemed to be allied to Azimio la Umoja camp claimed that Juliani was biased since he didn’t talk about other Kenyan artists who performed at the much anticipated Azimio la Umoja rally.

Other social media users who commented on Juliani’s post claimed that Raila Odinga chose Diamond Platinumz as one of the performers because he knew of his ability to pull a huge crowd to the event.

However, some fans claimed that the Azimio la Umoja candidate had no respect to the Kenyan artists, adding that he should have picked one Kenyan as the lead artist. What are your thoughts on this story? Kindly share your insights down below.

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