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Men’s Health: Myths & Facts Linked To Prostate Cancer

by Jayden Musembi

There are many myths linked to prostate cancer. Many men, especially the elderly have expressed their fear of the disease. Prostate cancer is a disease that has killed thousands of men around the globe. Yearly, more than 50,000 men die of this terrible illness. Well, it is important to know some of the facts and myths about prostate cancer so as to live by the truth.

Myth: Prostate Cancer Affects Old Men Only

Kindly note that there are many factors that result to prostate cancer. For instance, family history and your lifestyle fully contribute to this ailment. However, the older you get, chances of getting prostate cancer increases. Actually, the average age bracket of men who suffer from prostate cancer is eighty years. However, age alone is not the contributive factor.

Myth: No Tumour No Prostate Cancer

Many people believe that if there is no tumour, they don’t have prostate cancer. However, this is not true. Many prostate cancers show the asymptomatic stages. In addition, these symptoms vary from one individual to the next. Some of these may include frequent urination. This is a symptom experienced by majority of prostate cancer patients. Others experience difficulty in holding back their urine. Other men may suffer erection difficulties.

Myth: Prostate Specific Antigen Test Is Not Important

Kindly note that this test is very key. Actually, this is the best way to determine early stages of prostate cancer. When this type of cancer is detected early, chances of cure are very high. At the early age of 40, men are advised to go for a PSA test to check whether they have prostate cancer.

Myth: Prostate Cancer Can Be Cured Always

The fact is, when this cancer is detected early, the patient is likely to get cured. However, in a case where the cancer has gone past the prostate, then chances of survival are very low. What are your thoughts about this story? Kindly share your insights down below.

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