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LGBTQ Activist And CEO Makena Njeri Speaks About Pregnancy

by Jayden Musembi

For the first time, LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri has addressed the issue of pregnancy, and whether at some point in her life she’d want to carry a child. Makena was engaging her fans in a Q and A session when she talked about the matter in details. One of her fans who was curious to know about Makena’s stand on pregnancy asked, “Would you as a stud handle a pregnancy? Having settled with a girl and you are to start a family?” 

In response, Makena stated that at some point in her life, she’d want to have a family, and therefore, when that time comes, she will will manage.

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She stated, “Remember I want to have a family so when the right comes I will definitely be able to handle this.” When Makena Njeri was asked about her relationship with Michelle Ntalami, the media personality stated that in her life, Michelle will always be present.

When she was asked whether she has a type when it comes to a partner, she stated, “it is really about your soul, you mind, your sense of humour, your commitment as a partner. Also, I have to be able to look at you and say damn.”

Makena Njeri also expressed her love for kids where she stated, “I will definitely want to be a parent in the future and am absolutely excited to be a parent and everybody who knows me, knows how I love kids.” What are your thoughts on this story? Kindly share your relevant insights down below.

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