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Harmonize to sue Chinese company for Making fake Konde Boy chains

by Chief Okuzo

Tanzanian star Rajab Abdul Kahali famously known as harmonize has promised to deal with a Chinese company for making Konde Boy chains knock-offs.

Through his Instagram account the star asked his manager cum wife Fridah Kajala to deal with the company on his behalf.

Big Brand in China. I’m not getting any money out of it. Manager do something please. He said.

In another insta story, teacher Konde was left in shock after finding out that the chains were being sold online at a cheap price in China.

“Wow, you can even buy online. He said.

The History behind his nickname Konde Boy

Harmonize’s Nickname Konde Boy was derived from his Tribe the makonde ethnic group located in southern Tanzania. He is believed to have originated from the makonde group that makes up the 100 tribes found in Tanzania hence his nickname Konde Boy.

The makonde group is also partially found in Kenya and parts of Mozambique.

As he awaits his wife Fridah Kajala to deal with the Chinese company, Konde Boy also placed new regulations on performance and appearance. Through his insta stories, he told promoters to be ready to cater for his traveling expenses alongside his wife Fridah Kajala, if that’s not enough, he also added that the two must travel in business class if they are to travel internationally adding that promoters should also cater for 8 more business class spaces for his team.

If you can’t fly my gang in the private jet make sure there is two business and 8 for my team and band. He said.

Harmonize is currently in Qatar set to perform at the afro Bongo show that will be happening on 14th July at holiday-Inn business park najma al Masa Ball room.

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