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DP Ruto Purchases A Mtumba Jacket For Ksh20k As He Campaigns In Nairobi

by Jayden Musembi

Deputy president William Ruto on Monday purchased a Mtumba Jacket for Ksh 20k as he continued to popularise his manifesto in Nairobi’s Gikomba market. The DP was on top of his caravan when a Mtumba seller offered him an olive green short sleeved jacket.

After trying it on, the DP asked his supporters, “This jacket is standard. Isn’t it?” The DP went on to negotiate the price with the seller. The DP stated, “Sasa tupige bei… hapana, elfu mbili ni nyingi! Bei ya jioni! Huyu madam anataka kuninyoa bila maji? Usinione hivo, nimechanuka msinione hivi!”

The duo arrived at a consensus of ksh.1500, before the DP handed her an amount he pointed out to be ksh.20k. The DP stated, “Umenikata tano? Chukua elfu ishirini basi ujipange nayo.” The DP has promised that under his tenure, his government will create an initiative where small businesses and medium enterprises will be protected, especially the people doing second hand clothes business.”

While in Gikomba, the DP stated, “My government will establish processes and systems that will see the establishment of textile factories here in Kenya, and also ensure the growth and expansion of the mitumba trade. Every business must be respected, protected and boosted to become bigger and better.”

He stated that his administration will register a plan to construct new markets for the mitumba business people. The Kenya Kwanza team has promised to restore the economic crisis by strengthening the low class Kenyans with funds to run businesses. What are your your views on this story? Kindly share your insights down below.

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