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A Family In Kisii Succeeds In Burying Their Kin After 6 Years Following A Land Dispute

by Jayden Musembi

A family In Kisii County can breath a sigh of relief after succeeding to bury their relative who passed on 6 years ago. Mzee Joseph Abuga Oribo passed on following a long illness, but a court case that had been going on since 2017 couldn’t let the old man get his final send-off.

The dispute of a three acre peace of land was pending in court, and this delayed his burial. Unluckily, the situation got much worse when the late’s son also succumbed to illness in Keroka.

The body of Mzee Joseph Abuga’s son was also delayed in hospital for another three months over the escalating dispute. It took the strong arm of Fred Matiangi, the Interior cabinet Secretary to have the body of Joseph released for burial. The widow is now at peace after she witnessed the burial of her late husband.

The burial of the duo took place at Iranya village in Nyamache. Such cases have always been arising, and in most cases, the issue is always surrounding land or similar assets.

However, in many cases, it takes the hand of the government to assist in solving such disputes. Land disputes in Kisii and Nyamira counties have been described as the main challenge surrounding finalising burials among other family disputes.

In most cases, parents are advised to share material possessions while alive or even write a will so as to avoid such cases in the future. What are your thoughts about this story? Kindly, also share your insights down below.

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