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It’s A Big Fat No!! Prity Vishy Turns Down Marriage proposal

by Ramskie Duevela


Prity Vishy received a marriage proposal from a random man on the internet going around with a placard to get Prity Vishy’s attention.

Well, the message did get to Vishy but it’s safe to say the response wasn’t what he was expecting. A couple days ago Prity made it clear that her bride price stands at 2 million and the man seems to not make the cut.

Prity Vishy responded the man in question, Eddy, saying that she wants a man who drives. Seems Prity is not about to sell herself short to anyone for whatever reason.

“ I want a man who drives please this no” read Prity Vishy’s heartbreaking response.

“ I am tired waiting for you Prity Vishy . I love you so much babe come and take my heart . Eddy loves you .” Read the man’s proposal.

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