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Nani Alisema Tumeachana! Frankie On Breaking Up With Corazon Kwamboka

by Ramskie Duevela


Rumor had it that Frankie and Corazon had decided to call it quits shortly after having their second child.

The rumors were pretty much confirmed by Corazon with a post on her Instagram account. However, Frankie has been refuting those claims and putting on an act as though everything is working out just fine.

“…..who said we are not together? Unacheza kimessi hapo unawachanganya!….”

Who is fooling who? Enyewe mambo ya watu wawili huwezani you’ll always end up as the fool.

Additionally, during a one on one with Mungai Eve, Frankie stated that he and Corazon are doing a great job at parenting their two kids without any hitches.

“…..we are co-parenting and it’s moving on swiftly and I don’t know why people don’t believe you can actually co-parent without hating each other at the end of the day it’s the children who matter …”

It all sounds as if Frankie is contradicting himself to me, it all just doesn’t make sense!


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