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Butita Dares Flaqo And Crazy Kennar To Try Out Stand Up Comedy

by Ramskie Duevela


Speaking to Mungai Eve, during a comical event hosted by 2mbili, Butita hit hard at online comedy creators for not pushing themselves and trying out stand up comedy.

Butita urged them to get out of their comfort zone and try something different from what they are used to.

He gave the example of Njugush who started out as an online creator in the field of comedy and is now killing it when it comes to doing stand up. His show TTNT has become successful over the years.

Butita stated that all it takes is proper preparation and one is assured of killing the show. He even revealed that the last show Njugush did took them a solid nine months to be created.

“….you don’t have to be a qualified stand up comedian …njugush alikua anafanya online comedy akatake as a challenge..anachekesha kuliko stand up comedians wengi…….flaqo akisimama kea stage na tuelewe context yake watu watacheka….”

“…….crazy kennar akiita watu wananunue tickets na aprepare vizuri hiyo show haitaanguka….”

“…..unaona TTNT 3 tumeifanya na 9 months. Tumekua tukienda camps for 9 months but watu waliiona for 1 hour.” Remarked Butita.



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