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Travis Scott sued over La Flame artwork

by Chief Okuzo

American rapper Travis Scott is in trouble after being sued by a French artist Mickael mehala for copying his art work.

According to to mehala he claims that his painting was released in 2015 and inboxed Travis in 2016 for his view about the art work, but Travis never gave him feedback only to find out that the American rapper had used the art work in his album #laflame.

Mehala also added that he tried contacting travis but his efforts were futile, only for him to get a reply from Travis’s legal team.

According to Travis’s lawyer he claimed that Travis Scott was unaware that the artwork belonged to anyone. The lawyer also added that travis did not release any album named “La flame” and the artwork was uploaded by fans on streaming platforms without the knowledge of the American rapper. However the streaming service have been removed after mehala complained of copyright infringement.

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